If there is something you should not miss after the grand wedding, it is definitely a relaxing trip with your love. If looked closely, then the whole wedding affair makes it quite exhausting for the newlywed couple. Thus it becomes quite vital to book a long and relaxing holiday, popularly known as a honeymoon with your suppose. For the same purpose, there are ample honeymoon destinations all over the globe, and a few of the gems fall under the Indian subcontinent. One of the best locations for a domestic honeymoon, or honeymoon in India is Auli. Auli's honeymoon adventure won’t only make you witness the best of the mountains but also add the extra spark to your life as a married couple starting their journey.

Auli is also a lovely destination that will enhance the romance of your honeymoon. Auli is a wonderful honeymoon resort in Uttarakhand for adventure and nature-loving couples, regardless of the season. If you're looking for a romantic getaway in Uttarakhand, Auli should be at the top of your list. A honeymoon in Auli, Uttarakhand, is the ideal option to spend some comfortable moments in chilly weather while admiring the stunning scenery of snowy peaks. However, just like any other journey, a honeymoon trip has safeguards, and some of the factors to consider are listed below.

Tips to consider before leaving for the Auli honeymoon trip

  • Be mindful regarding your woollen

When we prepare for mountain trips, woollens are at the top of our list, but we typically overpack. The goal is to stay warm, but comfort is also important. If you don't want to die of cold or carry too much weight, make sure you choose just enough woollen clothing for Auli. Two decent quality jackets or coats in basic hues constitute the hill station dress code for a journey lasting less than a week. With your sweaters and pullovers, you may go all out.

  • Carry good quality shoes

Your Auli honeymoon excursion will be ruined if you wear the wrong shoes, no matter how cosy your woollens are. Bring a good pair of shoes or boots with you because hill climbing and snow walking require them. Leave your stilettos and loafers at home. Carry an extra pair of slip-resistant interior slippers that you may use both in and out of your accommodation.

  • Plan together

Planning a honeymoon together is essential for starting the journey of a lifetime on a beautiful and harmonious note. The process of organising a honeymoon as a couple should be a crucial and initial step towards making choices and getting to know one other's tastes and preferences.

  • Keep the first aid handy

At hill stations like Auli, we all adore the snow and rain, but these weather patterns put our immunity system to the strain. Keeping some basic drugs on hand is a smart idea. These should be the only "just in case" items in your bag. When driving up or down a slope, people who are prone to motion sickness should take medicine to avoid vomiting. When travelling anywhere in the globe, it is one of the most necessary items to bring with you. If you're susceptible to getting sick easily and are unsure what to bring on a vacation to a hill station, cold and altitude sickness medications are essential.

  • Keep the mind frame in your head

Make a schedule for yourself so that everything happens at the proper moment. A few things, like arranging a trip and a hotel, should have been done months ago, but you may start packing and forming a mental checklist now.

  • Be mindful of budget

Clear your mind, create a budget, and then start planning your honeymoon. Look for choices that will save you a lot of money so that you may spend it on something new. Instead of staying in a fancy hotel, book a romantic retreat and spend all the money on any activity that you and your partner enjoy.

By following these simple tips you will definitely be able to enjoy your new life as a man and wife. If you too are looking for a relaxing honeymoon trip to Auli, contact Arva Tours and Travel for more information.